Quality System

We holds ISO9001 and ISO13485 certifications, signifying our commitment to adhering to rigorous quality standards.

We prioritize continuous improvement through our established quality system. Throughout project development and mass production control, we extensively utilize DFM, FMEA, MSA, Capability Study, Process Validation, and measurement alignment techniques.
Quality Control
"Ensuring Excellence through IQC, IPQC, and OQC."

By rigorously examining and validating raw materials and components prior to production, we proactively detect and mitigate potential issues, minimizing the impact of inferior inputs on the final product.

Our vigilant team consistently monitors and assesses production quality through bi-hourly inspections and tests, promptly addressing any deviations or non-conformities to ensure our products meet desired specifications and requirements at every step.

We conduct rigorous inspections, perform functional tests, and evaluate overall product performance to guarantee that only top-quality goods reach our valued customers.
Inspection Equipment "In the world of precision manufacturing, Inspection Equipment is not just a tool; it's the foundation of quality, accuracy, and customer satisfaction."
Inspection Equipment Specimen Size Accuracy Units
CMM 400*600*1000 0.003 2
2.5D Image Measuring Instrument 400*300*200 0.01 2
2D Image Measuring Instrument 400*300 0.01 1
Height Gauge 700 0.003 2
Hardness Tester Ra:0.25 m m~6.3 0.1* 1
Film Thickness Gauge NA *(1+3%H) 1

** Including Micrometer, Caliper, Roughness Tester & Microscope **

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